Entrepreneurship. Excellence. Professionalism.

There are five million Moroccans living in the four corners of the globe, of whom 300,000 are part of the business and academical elite of their residence countries. This diaspora already exert some influence on negotiation strategies and on the partnership between Morocco and their adopted country.

Since the iron curtain’s fall, CEE countries economic growth have been hampered by various factors. CEE Moroccans can help their adoption countries with initiatives and attitudes that support the many benefits of entrepreneurship, excellence and professionalism. We are committed to improving the quality of life of Moroccans in CEE by raising the prestige of moroccan professionals, supporting the development of moroccan-owned businesses and nurturing education as a core value.


Cultural Events

We gather our community on two major events, one Iftar during the holly month of Ramadan, and Moroccan national celebrations of Massira Al Khadra & Istiqlal as a joint event.

Student Grants

For Moroccan students in their 2nd year of studies in CEE, based on merit & excellence, covering up to a 100% of their yearly tuition fees.


Driven by our community’s expressed needs, we set up information meetings, educational workshops, and seminars with domain experts.


We offer a platform to provide career opportunities to the Moroccan community from our network of partners. We also provide guidance for candidates desiring to increase their chances to land their dream job.

Health Insurance

Designed exclusively to Moroccan Students in CEE, we won’t wait for unfortunate events to happen, we tackle them with concrete actions: a health insurance coverage for every Moroccan student.


Whether beneficiaries of our services or contributors, we offer a simple membership scheme to fit our community needs of sustainability.

Coaching & Mentorship

Any member of the community desiring to unlock and improve an area related to their studies or their professional career can be supported by coaches that are members of our association.


A platform to access common administrative documents and procedures, FAQ and documents for download. Our community is contributing to make this resources available.

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Past actions

Discover AMECO initiatives designed to connect the Moroccan community in Central and Eastern Europe.


Meaningful initiatives require action, today we are proud even with these small yet growing numbers, if you want to learn more about our actions and stay in touch, subscribe to our newsletter or visit our blog section